Reference management – Zotero, Citavi and Endnote

Last modified: 2022 Nov 13
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I think it's kind of fitting to start the #HistoTools-section with a summary of my thoughts on the 'big three':

Zotero Citavi Endnote
Accessibility free,
non-profit: Digital Scholar
subscription/perpetual (€73-€270),
for-profit: Swiss Academic Software
perpetual (€130-€290),
for-profit: Clarivate
Compatibility Windows, Mac, Linux Windows, Web browser Windows, Mac, Linux, Web browser
Data synchronization
& Collaboration
Zotero Sync (300MB free; attachments can be stored/synced separately),
Zotero Groups
Citavi-Cloud (5GB included) or 'Citavi for DBServer' EndNote-Cloud (no limit)
Nice feature(-s) highly customizable, many plugins, big community,
compatible with many additional programs/tools
2 independent layers:
bibliography and notes/annotations
? [does the stuff it's supposed to do]
My comment my choice;
no possibility to us a DBServer/WebDAV for collaboration (Zotero Groups)
great for working on one single project/publication search feature lacklustre,
nearly no documentation,
customization is a nightmare

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Zotero and addition programs/tools